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Roots To Market

The Roots To Market initiative in Camden's Parkside neighborhood is providing residents with support in beginning gardens with free resources and workshops called "Rootcamp". Participants can benefit from receiving free soil testing, an allotment of fresh soil, raised beds (if required), as well as seeds and seedlings demanded by businesses committed to purchasing over the Summer and Fall months. 

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Root Camp Come Join Us

Root Camp Come Join Us
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Root Camp Come Join Us

Root Camp Come Join Us

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Ask The  Farmer

Have any questions about growing or selling your fruits and vegetables? We invite you to ‘Ask The Farmer’ any questions related to gardening here!


Ask any questions in the space provided here, or leave a detailed voice message and receive an answer to your questions via email.  All responses will be saved for website subscribers to view at any point.

Growing Fresh Foods

at 1420 Kaighn Ave. (Parkside United Methodist Church)


RTM's original course, Rootcamp 101 is held on alternating Wednesdays from late-March to the end of October and covers the basics to growing and selling fresh produce. The variety of information presented is useful to both beginners and those interested in improving the quantity and quality of produce needed to earn an income. The course features instructors from a variety of partner organizations and institutions to offer a wide range of expertise and perspectives.

Virtual Gardening Lessons



Value-Added Food Production

Coming Soon

at 1900 Park Blvd. (Camden County Historical Society)


This workshop series features how to make "value-added" food products. This course is intended for those excited to participate in the local food economy but less interested in the prospect of growing food. Participants will learn about the various ways to prepare and preserve food – either for market or for their own enjoyment. The dates would alternate with Rootcamp 101 gardening workshops. Each class is self-contained and dedicated fully to processing and value-added food products.

Food Business Development

at 1420 Kaighn Ave. (Parkside United Methodist Church)

Coming Soon


A more entrepreneurship-oriented course, this workshop series will assist interested individuals with support in creating a business plan for an idea or enterprise, learn about food safety and regulations, as well as how to run a business. This course concludes with the delivery of individual pitches or presentations on a food venture with a chance to win prizes.

Buying & Selling Produce

Coming Soon

at 1221 Haddon Ave. (Parkside Learning Garden)


Helping Camden residents earn incomes through the local food economy is as important to this initiative as is access to fresh produce. A Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program is this season's key "root" to market. CSA members pay for a subscription -or- share of an entire season’s (May - October) worth of produce. In return, they receive a box of Parkside-grown fruits and vegetables each week. In addition to the chance to buy or sell produce, members can enjoy free cooking demonstrations, live music and small business vendor opportunities on Thursday's during the growing season at the Parkside Learning Garden.